Discover who you aren’t

Who aren’t you? You may discover as I did that we spend so much time creating an identity and solidifying our ego based on who we are that figuring out who we aren’t is a challenge. Give it a try, though. I’m pretty sure you’ll learn something new.  (BTW, I am NOT a woodworker, a seamstress, or quilter. Any activity where precision matters is not for me!) I’m just happy to be imprecise, free-floating, mistake-prone me!


Leaving Your Mark

The worlds we inhabit are mostly (completely?) in our own heads, and if your inner noggin is anything like mine, it’s monkeys all the way down. Do I really want others to be looking in there? Nope! I don’t think I’m alone when I share a mostly filtered version of my inner world. but I still become frustrated when others don’t see (and accept) the crazy unfiltered version that is my reality. We are both missing out.