It’s a gray day here in Dayton, Ohio. A good day to stay inside and feed my creativity. I have some hats to make for a shop in Yellow Springs, but it’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to check some of my favorite blogs and websites. The hats can wait.

Checking in on other designers, artists, crafts people and great thinkers is one of the best ways I know to remain inspired. While on the surface it seems crochet projects may not have much in common with industrial design or high fashion, I can almost always take away something applicable to my work. Finding those connections is what I love the most about the creative life.

While some gray days mean working on projects, sometimes they have to wait.

While some gray days mean working on projects, sometimes they have to wait.most about the creative life. I’m sure many of you do the same thing.

A great example of this is an art project I just read about on Design Milk: Stitching concrete.  What? Your heard me. Read how Florian Schmid combined concrete and stitching for an industrial design project. The results are pretty amazing.

Do you enjoy competitions? I just saw this link on Design Milk for the Ketel Modern Craft Project. This is a contest for  people who are making a difference with their craft or trade.

Here is an excerpt from the description: “Partnering with global creative magazine Wallpaper*, we are on a quest to find contemporary craftsmen who bring traditional skills into the modern day. We are looking for modern craftsmen who want to take their work, their careers, themselves further. People keen to establish a legacy of their own.” Check it out.

Finally, making connections with other creative people is an ongoing goal of mine. I recently created a Facebook page for Storyline Creations. This is where I post information about my latest projects, provide links to inspiring sites and resources, and share thoughts that may also fuel your creative process. Please take a moment to “like” Storyline Creations. I would love to have you as my friend.

If you have a favorite blog or website that inspires you, tell me about it. One can never have too many sources of inspiration.


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