Going a little crazy here in Dayton, Ohio. My right shoulder and elbow are acting up again, so I’ve been taking a week-long break from crochet. This bubble of unfocused, unconstrained free time has taught me a valuable lesson. I don’t like it.

Not only that, but without focus and discipline, the 14-year-old boy in me comes out. Yep, this 63-year-old woman is sometimes possessed by an impulsive, bored adolescent boy. Fortunately, we share the same brain which contains a highly developed guilt lobe, courtesy of the Sisters of Notre Dame. As soon as something gets a little borderline–cursor hovering over the link to the 12 best graduation fails–stick-in-the-mud and roll-in-the-mud have a little tussle. Who wins? You’ll never know 😉


OK, OK, I watched. I laughed. I winced. Good stuff!  Also played the trailer for “Dumb and Dumber To.” Gross, funny and completely stupid. Great waste of 3-4 minutes. I resisted “Laughing at Pain: 13 Hilarious Sunburn Photos.” Enough already! Also on the lighter side, I learned about an online petition to get Beyonce to comb Blue Ivy’s hair. Reading on I learned that some people are disturbed by this baby’s natural look. To quote from the petition: “…disturbing to see a child suffer from lack of hair moisture.” 700 signatures have been collected to date. No words. Except: I am disturbed by you suffering from a lack of a life! If energy is being spent on a petition, shouldn’t it be about something important like, oh let’s see, fracking? world hunger? student debt? the education crisis? deadly viruses on the loose? I can get down with those. Blue Ivy’s dry hair is not an issue I care about. (But I did watch a video of people falling down, so maybe I should reserve judgment, eh?)

Image of Raw + Material = Art

Lots of photos and artist bios make this book a real treasure.

After three days of this stupid aimlessness, I got back on track. I don’t mean I started crocheting again (determined to wait this out) or devoured “War and Peace,” but I did seek some creative inspiration through my favorite blogs and a trip to the real-world library. Here’s what I found:

  1. Politics. Not usually a topic of my blog, but I was curious about Eric Cantor’s defeat and skimmed a Rolling Stone article on this topic. Interesting reading, but I was most struck by the quote closing the article. From John F. Kennedy: “…those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.” This could apply to many a politician.
  2. Enrichment. I love the “Improvised Life” blog. A post this week re-introduced me to the composer Phillip Glass and the fact that after he was successful as a composer/musician he continued to work as both a plumber and cab driver. Interesting, but don’t miss the link to Glass’s composition “Knee Play5,” which was composed while he was driving a cab. Hypnotic and lovely. (BTW, “Improvised Life” is seeking financial support so they can remain ad-free. Consider a donation.)
  3. Inspiration. Read this book about a year ago, couldn’t remember the name of it, so I’ve been looking for it ever since without success. One of life’s little synchronicities reunited me with this book. I saw the book featured in an older issue of American Craft about a week ago. Cool. Now I have the title. Still, I forgot about that when I went to the library yesterday. I headed for the travel section to find a book about Ireland, and caught a glimpse of a mustard yellow cover on the end of a shelf. You’ll never guess what I found without even trying! OK, you guessed, but isn’t that cool? The book–Raw + Material = Art-is a wonderful, inspiring resource for any artist, but specifically for those who upcycle found objects and materials. Although there were few fiber artists featured, I found all projects featured pure genius. Notable in this collection: American artist Monica Canilao who brings new life and meaning to abandoned objects. I was attracted by her use of old crochet trims, fabrics, photos, ribbons, etc. in her assemblages. No matter what kind of artist you are, you’re going to be inspired by those featured in this book.
picture of hats

Some of the reversible beanies I freshened up and sent back to Urban Handmade.

So there you have it. I allowed myself to roll in the online mud for a day or two, but I’m cleaned up and back on track!  My arm is improving, so I should be able to pick up the crochet hook very soon. This is good, since I have a big arts and crafts show coming up in September, and, for me, that’s just around the corner. It will also keep the 14-year-old-boy me in check for a little while. Also, the sun is out, I freshened up some StorylineCreations hats and returned them to Urban Handmade in time for the street fair, and I’m feeling good about completing this blog post.

Speaking of mud and happiness, I leave you with this Sesame Street classic (also from “Improvised Life”). Enjoy.

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