A blog I love–Raptitude (don’t you love the name?!)–more often than not hits the mark with the wise inspiration, advice or musings of its creator David Cain. 

Checking messages

Do you accept this? Drives me crazy! (Sorry son, but you illustrate my point perfectly.)

His “Five Rules of Thumb for Interacting With People” is pretty interesting. As a natural introvert, I psych up for social interactions by focusing on myself–be more interesting, don’t sit there like a sphinx, think of something current to talk about, look pleasant, etc. One of David’s key points is that social interactions are about making the other person’s experience great. It’s not about me (lightbulb goes off!). A subtle point, but one that caused me to pause and think, and for some reason, be reassured. Hope you enjoy his post as much as I did!

Now for something blatantly about me: I’m hoping that if you don’t already follow me on Facebook, you’ll take a chance and visit StorylineCreations today. If I can get 100 followers (this is so embarrassing) and preferably many, many more, Facebook can provide me with better data to help improve my page. Thanks so much!


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