When opening my Pema Chodron book this morning for my daily dose of calm, a magazine clipping fell out. The clipping reviewed Tom Robbins’ autobiography “Tibetan Peach Pie: A True Account of an Imaginative LIfe.” Right…I wanted to read this. (I remind myself to look for it at the library today.) I go downstairs and after breakfast open my laptop to see today’s inspiration from “Tricycle.” To my amazement, it linked to an article by Tom Robbins that kind of promoted the book I mention, but also described a beautiful scene from “The Fisher King,” one of my favorite movies featuring Robin Williams. All very synchronistic and inspiring. Maybe there is an unseen harmony humming through our lives that occasionally manifests. I like to think that.

Donegal Ireland beach

Here I stand on the West Coast of Donegal County in Ireland where harmony hums through everything!


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