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the twisted yarn

Don’t you just love it when a creative plan works out?

(I hope that last sentence doesn’t sound too smug – I could show you plenty of disasters, too.)

Our kitchen is in the oldest, 18th-century (allegedly even 17th-century), part of the house. It’s lovely, but colour-wise it’s rather bland. Or rather, it was, but we’re working on that. I decided that the kitchen chairs deserved a makeover to match the curtains. Look, those chairs were soooo dull. Couldn’t you just fall gently asleep looking at them?

The chairs, before makeover The chairs, before makeover

Cue much busy activity:-

Kitchen chairs in progress Kitchen chairs in progress

The plan was to paint and crochet the chairs to match the curtains. There are a few things that I should mention at this point. First, the whole project was inspired by a post by Selma at Eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk, and it was she who introduced me to the marvels of Autentico…

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