Well, since I’ve been so undisciplined about blogging lately, I’ve taken the lazy girl’s approach and am reblogging, this funny and “I can relate to this” post.

the twisted yarn

This blog post is jinxed, jinxed, I tell you. In the course of its making, I’ve broken the washing machine, over-shrunk a knitting project, mislaid an important piece of technology without which I couldn’t finish illustrating the post, and almost flooded part of the house. I drafted the first, pre-disaster, part of the post earlier. It went like this:-

Well, the Toddler Twinnage are abed, the Stoic Spouse is quietly playing ‘Live Forever’ on his guitar in the dark in another room, and I am sitting at the kitchen table nursing a goblet of wine and feeling nervous. It’s not the Stoic Spouse’s music that’s making me nervous, it’s the washing machine. Because for the first time ever, I’m having a go at felting my knitting, and now that the machine has started, I’m worried that the programme is too hot, too long, and that having started with a huge…

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