Happy Hooker crochet book

Read the reviews on Amazon before buying older copies of this book. Cute patterns, but many are full of errors. It looks like there are even errors in the corrections PDF.

I don’t usually crochet from patterns, but have a number of pattern books that serve as sources of inspiration and skill-building. There is one book in my collection, however, that should have a nervous breakdown warning on it. Why? Nearly every pattern in the book has mistakes in it.

If you buy this book on Amazon and read the reviews, you will see that early versions of the book were riddled with errors. I guess the first edition was a disaster. Supposedly later editions of Stitch ‘n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker contain patterns that are correct. Be wary, however. I have one of the later editions and the four patterns I have attempted have all been incorrect.

My latest foray into frustration occurred with the Ladylike Lace Gloves. I wanted to give them a try to learn new skills (crocheting a thumb gusset), but I ran into problems even before the midway point. I pushed on, but things continued to go downhill. That’s when I remembered to check online for pattern corrections and clarifications and with a mix of dismay and relief, I discovered a two-page PDF covering several patterns in this book. A large number of the corrections were for, you guessed it, the ladylike lace gloves. It was too late for me: I had already improvised too much in an attempt to make the first glove. I knew there was no hope of making a second glove that would match.

In its favor, there are lots of cute patterns and good information for people new to crochet. The cute patterns were the reason I bought the book to start with. I’ve now printed out the PDF of corrections and folded it into the center of the book, but I can’t say I’m going to hurry up and attempt the ladylike lace gloves anytime soon. I’ve already given up nearly two days of my life crocheting, ripping out and crocheting again in a fruitless attempt to make these right. I need some distance. On a positive note, I did learn how to make a cute double-crochet cluster that may be for another project.

Anyone else have this book? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences, especially if you have purchased the latest edition. It would be good to know if this is now a useful crochet resource.

PS: Did you see my last post about getting a free hat? If not, check it out.


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