Not sure yet if this is a success or not. Sometimes projects are like that, right? I think I’m liking it, but still nervous about going public.

StorylineCreations crocheted hat

The “Luck is not Chance” hat before embellishing. Felted crochet (Patons wool roving). The “pinch” at the peak was created by two rows of single crochet top-stitched on the sides before felting.

What I did
This is a free-form hat crocheted from cherry red wool roving (Patons) and then felted. The design–a very tall crown pinched in at the peak–was inspired by the oversized hats I’ve been seeing in European fashion photos as well as the infamous Pharrell hat. From the beginning, it was a hat I wanted to have some fun with.

The embellishment on the front (or side, depending on how one wears the hat) is made by cutting shapes from old sweaters that have been felted. In my button collection, I found the four-leaf clover, which just seemed to fit the mood of the hat.

The hat makes me smile, but will others? Will anyone in Dayton, Ohio wear the thing? Admittedly, a certain degree of attitude is needed. The hat will debut this weekend at our local visual arts center as part of their holiday art sales event, so wish me luck!

StorylineCreations crocheted hat

The finished hat! Ignore the woman hiding beneath it.

This quote from Emily Dickinson will accompany the hat:

“Luck is not chance-/It’s Toil-/Fortune’s expensive smile/Is earned.”

Perhaps fortune will smile on this hat!

How about you?
Have any of you finished a project and couldn’t decide if you liked it or not? If you sell your work, are you nervous about pushing your creativity and sharing the result with the world? I’d love to hear about your insecurities and how you handle them as well as your success stories.

Keep on creating…no matter how scary it gets!


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