Well, I’m finally back! Here I am looking for concern and sympathy because of an intimidating project I have undertaken.

The Dayton Visual Arts Center is having its annual art auction in April, and all members are invited to include one item. This is a pretty big fundraiser for the organization, and I have supported it for the last two years with a donation. Little did I know how quickly the deadline was sneaking up on me.

StorylineCreations Knit Picks

The yarn I purchased from Knit Picks.

Even though the event is not until April, the deadline for delivery of the items was just announced: February 7! The item I plan to donate is a lace-weight wrap made from Knit Picks fingering weight alpaca. It’s a beautiful, affordable yarn and there were enough hanks in stock to meet my needs; at least I hope 2,000+ yards is enough for what I have in mind! When I learned that the typical shipping time is five to 14 days, I decided to pay an extra $10 to have it shipped quickly. It arrived the day after it was ordered. That’s the good news.

The bad news: I had forgotten how little progress one makes with this weight of yarn and a small crochet hook. I chose to use the iris stitch and went with an E hook to achieve a lacy, but defined pattern, and it’s working pretty well, other than the glacial progress. I am definitely going to time myself on this project! If I get it done, someone is bound to ask “How long did it take to make that?”, and I usually don’t have a very good answer.

This happened two years ago with another art auction item. At that time I had also undertaken a shawl; this

StorylineCreations Shibori scarf

Shibori wrap made with Knit Picks mohair/silk yarn, lightly felted around ping-pong balls that were removed after felting.

one made with Knit Picks Aloft Super Kid Mohair yarn. It was lace weight. For that project I used an H hook. Still, progress was slow and panic set in when I remembered that after the fabric was completed, it needed to be lightly felted around strategically placed ping-pong balls (attached with rubber bands). This was my first attempt at the Shibori technique. It worked beautifully, but this was a work in progress up to the eleventh hour (no deadline extensions for this project!). I swore I would not attempt something like that again, but here I am! Fortunately, this wrap sold at the auction!

After I get the fabric done on the current project, I’m hoping I have time to add some crocheted “stars” that I saw on the WestKnits site (amazing knitwork!).

Wish me luck! Better stop writing and resume crocheting. More to come…

PS: So am I crazy or just the typical addicted hooker?


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