Look what my sweet sister gave me: Mom’s box of crochet hooks and a vintage pompom maker! Love that it was just 79 cents when she bought it.

Mom passed away two years ago this March, so I’ll be channeling my mother’s skillful hands when I crochet with these. Also, I can’t wait to use the pompom maker. I have been making pom-poms for some of my most recent hats, but they are kind of straggly and floppy. Maybe this is the solution I’ve been waiting for.

Box of crochet hooks

My mom’s box of crochet hooks, needles and the vintage pompom maker. Love!

Did one of your parents influence your crafting or other creative activities? There’s something comforting and affirming about carrying on a tradition, even if that tradition involves starting of bunch of projects that remain unfinished, collecting yarn or the latest tools of the trade that never get used, or just planning the next project that may never become anything more than a nice idea.

There’s also the joy to be had when creating something with your own hands, peace to be found in the rhythmic glide of a hook through yarn, and, when life gets the best of you, solace and solitude are just a crochet project away.

From my observations, that was mom, and in this case, the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree!


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