Let me start by saying I never win anything*, so when I entered a contest a couple of weeks ago, I had very low expectations. Why bother?  Because of the person running the contest. You see, I truly love the blog Playfully Tacky by Stephanie.  She’s funny, wise, down-to-earth and a good writer. Even more impressive is the fact that she regularly publishes a blog post. Such commitment is humbling! If you don’t already subscribe to Stephanie’s blog, check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

I was beyond excited when I received an email from Stephanie a week later congratulating me: I had won a $50 Amazon gift card! I read her email several times from top to bottom and bottom to top to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood something. It appeared I was indeed a winner!

It did not take me any time at all to start thinking about what I might purchase with the card. After some consideration, I decided to search for a pair of shoes that I felt I needed (wanted) for an upcoming trip to California. Shoe shopping online is very frustrating for me. Whenever I find something cute in my price range, bam: my size or preferred color is not in stock. After 45 minutes (a new speed record for me), I found a pair of Merrells  that were available in my size AND were less than $50 AND qualified for free shipping. I ended up owing $1.94 after taxes. Score! Thanks again, Stephanie!

When I wasn’t shoe shopping with my Amazon gift card, I was crocheting. This is the year I’m taking a chance on some warm-weather hats. I delivered six to my friends at the pilates studio after falling down in their parking lot (another story) and will be delivering four to a shop in town featuring local artists. If these don’t sell, they will be part of my inventory at CyclopsFest (an arts and crafts fair in Yellow Springs, Ohio) in the fall. Here’s what I’ve made so far.

Cotton beanies

Two cotton “beanies” for warm weather. I experimented with beads on these!

StorylineCreations hat

A cotton brimmed hat for warm weather. I’m into adding spirals on the top of hats these days.

StorylineCreations hats

Some open-weave beanies with fleece bows. The green is more of an apple green (not pea green as seen here!).

Well, what do you think? I would love any comments, suggestions, feedback you might have! Be sure to visit StorylineCreations on Facebook and stay in touch there. Followers and Likes are greatly appreciated.

Footnote: *I won a can of grapefruit juice in first grade. Talk about a letdown when I went to the principal’s office to pick up my prize. Sad and embarrassed. Another time (again in grade school), I won a box of sympathy cards (where did they get these prizes?!). My dad teased me mercilessly and suggested I check the daily obits and send cards to surviving family members


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