The first sentence of any written piece is the hardest. There. I got that out of the way!

I realize I have not contributed anything to this blog in a while and have many excuses. Among these…

  • Working on something different–a sculptural crochet piece for the local arts organization’s
    StorylineCreations crochet

    The sculptural crochet piece for the DVAC member show.

    member show. Got an honorable mention, or as I call it, the “No One Made Anything Like This” award. See picture.

  • After this was completed, I took a two-day getaway to Berea with my husband. Interesting trip. Did not realize Berea was in a dry county (no alcohol sold) until we got there, but lucky for us the Boone Tavern and Hotel (our host) served drinks in the restaurant, which you could enjoy in the lobby or on the massive wraparound porch. With the focus on Appalachian art at Berea College and in the community, there were many interesting art and crafts galleries to visit. Very much a “maker” culture here. Another cool aspect of the college was its culture of diversity. From what I could tell, they make an effort to recruit students from around the world who may be living in a country torn apart by war, poverty, oppression, etc. We spoke to two of these students–a young man from Yemen (who was concerned that his 8-year-old sister back home could not go to school) and a young woman from Afghanistan who is earning a degree in communications toward her goal of becoming a news reporter. We learned that after a visit from the Dalai Lama in the 90s, the college committed to hosting two students a year from Tibet. I approve!
  • StorylineCreations sewing

    My mom’s vintage sewing books found a new home!

    I’ve also been taking baby steps toward reducing the amount of “stuff” in my possession. I am often kept awake at night thinking about my son or husband or my sisters having to deal with all of this in  the event of my death. Unfortunately, there will always be tubs of experimental and/or failed crochet projects that will have to be dealt with. Have fun survivors! For everything else there is a solution. Two steps in the right direction: 1.) Gave some of my mother’s vintage sewing books to a woman who owns a local sewing shop. She is always designing her own clothing; some incorporate vintage details. She was delighted to receive these books. 2.) Put my collection of Bosson heads on ebay. Although there has been little interest after 2-3 weeks, I realize that I’m ready to part with these out-of-style collectibles at just about any price. Any takers? I also found my Pet Rock complete with its nesting material, box and owner’s manual. Anyone need a low-maintenance pet?

  • And my final excuse (for today). I’ve been unfocused, unmotivated and lazy. I have many crochet
    Berroco yarn storylinecreations

    Lovely yarn in vintage colors by Berroco Yarn. This is cerulean blue.

    projects that need to get done for the fall/winter buying season, but am having trouble on the inspiration side. That energy has finally started to shift and am now working an a lovely cowl made with Berroco Vintage (cerulean) yarn in a really nice wool/acrylic/nylon blend. I really love that some yarn makers are bringing out a line of vintage colors–remember those wonderful subtle hues you could buy in the 70s and 80s? I do. It’s been a fun project with an easy-to-remember V-stitch and puff stitch pattern. I purchased this at a wonderful store in the Cincinnati area–Silk Road Textiles. If you live anywhere near there, it’s well worth a visit. Fabulous fabrics, yarns, threads, buttons, tools and a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

How do you deal with too much “stuff”–especially those things that have been inherited (sentimental value) and those things you accumulate as part of your art (the impulse purchase of neon fabric paints)? Any tips or stories of shared pain are appreciated!

As always, thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you. Now, get busy!

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