I love to travel. My husband and son love to travel. We have had many travel adventures as a family and are always thinking about our next trip. (Next stop central Europe, we think!) We always come back with interesting experiences under our belts, above-average photos and fascinating stories to share.

I was happy to find this post from one of my favorite travel bloggers in my email this morning. Michael Huxley – Bemused Backpacker – offers words of wisdom, inspiration and reassurance after the devastating terror attacks in Paris. Read–and travel–on!

Bemused Backpacker

Keep CalmAfter yet another appalling terrorist attack in Paris, travellers are once again asking is it safe to travel. Allow me to tell you why I will never allow terrorists to stop me from travelling the world.

Paris, Egypt, Sinai, Turkey, all of these have hit the headlines lately as increasingly violent and cowardly attacks have targeted innocent civilians and popular tourist destinations. As a result the justifiable horror and outrage is generally followed my mass panic and hysteria.

After any terrorist attack like this airports introduce yet more draconian security measures, the travel warnings go into meltdown and travellers and holidaymakers cancel their travel plans and allow the mass media and overblown government safety advice to lead them onto a path of paranoia.

That means the terrorists are getting exactly what they want.

My thoughts, along with the thoughts of every sane and decent human being go out to theā€¦

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