While in the midst of experimenting with and playing with stainless steel/wool thread and lace-weight yarn for a trunk show in November, I received a commission request.

Someone who purchased a hat two years ago needed another one; the first hat she bought disappeared. I felt her pain. As I’ve shared before, certain lost items are difficult to forget.

Despite lowgrade panic about the holiday trunk show, I really wanted to help her out. She is the kind of buyer we all appreciate: she loves the work you do, she appreciates the amount of time and labor involved, and she doesn’t blink at the price, even though it’s usually way more than one would pay at Target or H & M.

Because I take pics of every item I make, and because my friend provided a good description, I was able to duplicate her lost hat pretty accurately. Now we just need to set a date for the exchange of hat and money.


Replacement hat made from Malabrio 100% wool bulky yarn. Front post double crochet and half double crochet stitches. Felted sweater trim with feather button.



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