It’s 3:15 am. I have a bit of a headache from sleeping funny (or maybe it was that second glass of red wine) and try in vain to go back to sleep. Wait! The universe wants to speak to me. What??

A long time ago I read in one of those new-agey books that if you awake from sleep at 2:00, 3:00 or 4:00 am or, say, at 3:15 am, it’s because the universe has a message for you. Don’t go back to sleep. Make yourself receptive and listen. Since I couldn’t sleep, I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s what I heard:

  1. You may want to rethink that second glass of red wine next time.
  2. Remember that annoying coworker–mean as a snake? The one who made you cry? She’s doing great now, making a ton of money flipping houses.
  3. Oh, and that bodywork lady you went to twice? She’s hand stringing prayer Malas while radiating positive energy, studying Mandarin Chinese, completely giving up white food, and warning us about the perils of vaccines. Her body, mind, and spirit are in total harmony. (Note to universe: I saw her texting while driving in heavy traffic and a friend of mine caught her eating ice cream. Ha!)
  4. On a more serious note, do you think you might have a brain tumor? You do get a lot of headaches and forget where you put your earrings. Something to consider…
  5. You should have had a more brilliant rebuttal for that Republican on Facebook who was infuriated by the panhandlers on the highway exit ramp. Better luck next time!
  6. You may have forgotten to lock your car again.
  7. Did someone just knock at the back door?
  8. When are you going to list your Mom’s collectibles on eBay? What happens if you die tomorrow?
  9. Don’t forget to call the dentist about the cost of a crown. Maybe you don’t really need one and it’s just a scam. Or, your tooth could disintegrate this week.
  10. What about…

OK, universe, well played. You are done. It’s now 3:32 am. I’m on high alert and sleep is impossible. Since I’m wide awake, I’m not as receptive as before to these pearls of wisdom from the beyond and can shift my attention to something more productive such as crochet projects!

Not an unusual train of thought for me. In fact, the middle of the night is when I get my best ideas and sometimes come up with weird ways to work with yarn, building loops on top of loops, rows on top or rows, combining unexpected colors and textures. Here’s one I thought of during a recent sleepless night.

I know it’s probably not original, but I’m having some fun experimenting with the front loop/back loop two-sided stitch. Even though I’m not crazy about the colors, I think the technique is working pretty well. The downside: It does take twice as long and twice a much yarn since you are working rows in the front and back loops of the previous rows. These two rows are then joined together with a single crochet through all four loops. After that row, resume the back loop/front loop with a double crochet. The result is a different pattern on each side. I started this project with some inexpensive fingering weight yarn from Michael’s since I didn’t know how it would work out. I’d really like to try it again using a better quality DK weight yarn and some more unusual colors. I think it could make a pretty unusual scarf!

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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