Felted hat made for my friend Lisa.

I retired from my full-time job in July 2012–no more day-to-day commitment as a writer, editor, marketing specialist or corporate cheerleader. The sense of freedom was indescribably liberating. I don’t regret a single minute of my retirement. And, while I loved my job, I had outlived my sense of purpose at this wonderful organization. After 32 years, I felt ready to test my mettle in another arena; a place where I could unleash my creativity without hurting anyone’s reputation. I don’t mind making a fool of myself, so I’ve rather enjoyed the experiments I’ve undertaken. Doing what, you ask? Developing as a crochet artist and writer. I’ve crocheted for more than 20 years, but have only seriously explored it in the last three. Writing has always been my first love, and was fortunate enough to make a living at it for 32 years. But writing about my organization’s successes, updating employees on health benefits, explaining why flu shots are mandatory, was not the place to take words to a new level. Now I answer to no one but my sense of good taste, family and friends–and all three of those know me well, are endlessly patient and tend to appreciate me for who I am. Life is good!



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